F30 6wb

F30 6wb

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f30 6wb

Since is a hard project, I hope we can finish this together. So let's start. Because of the price, I've started this project with an F10 6WA clusterand tried to make it fit into F30 face case, with original F10 back case. In the pictures you can see the work to put back F10 cluster into F30 face case, all you will need to cut, shave and adjust.

Also I have to secure back to face. You will see final result. Attached Images. Appreciate 2. For the moment I stopped here. Next week I will continue, maybe with some help from you all to finally solve this project.

Appreciate 0. I'm very interested in this project. The prize of the cluster is holding me back at the moment. I'm very sorry that I can't help. Good luck.

6WB BMW F30/F31/F32/F33/F36 OEM Digital Cluster Retrofit

Very nice work with figuring out how to make it fit! I ran into some issues with the 6WB not accepting coding but I think it was an issue with the eeprom. I will be working on it this coming week, but yes, I too had seen the Parking Brake error when I had it connected to the car. I have started to read through the function choices on the Cafd File for the DKombi but haven't been able to pinpoint anything for the parking brake yet to see if its just a code-able option.

The fuel consumption difference is new to me though, I had not heard about that yet. To code it on your car, you will need an modified FA, use one from an F10 series, but put your VIN into it, and your car options.

I was looking for codable parameters for parking brake too, but I didn't find anything. So I hope that someone with much more experience, can find some parameters in cluster firmware or an modified CAFD, to cancel that error. About fuel, I'm not sure what is all about, but I read on a rusian forum, where someone finalized this retrofit, but he used an emulator for parking brake. I hope that we can finalize this too, one way or another. Last edited by roxxor; at AM. Yes I think so.

Because my NBT is retrofited and I use an emulator, I will try to talck with seller and ask him if he can add some can messages to my emulator. Or he can make an emulator for all cars. As for the fuel consumption topic, I have seen there are different coding settings under the Kombi cafd for things related to the Fuel Tank. I will make a backup of my cafd and then compare it to the default coding settings for the DKombi.Visit our store: stores. Even if you find your car model in the description list it might not be suitable because of the variaties of modifications.

Even though our listing says that part fits particular car model and year make, we do not give guarantee that this part will fit your car, because of various modifications of vehicles.

We give guarantee only after checking the fitment by VIN number Chassis number of your car. Please contact us if you need goods to be shipped to different address. In case we ship your item to your old or invalid address and it returns back as unclaimed or wrong address, we will only refund you for the item. We can also ship the package again to correct address, but only if you cover post service expenses. If there is any problems with delivery or the package is not delivered on time, please contact us and we will help solve the problem.

We accept only PayPal payments. Please leave us a positive 5-star feedback if you are satisfied with the item you received.

We will accept it and you will get an address with RMA number.

BMW digital cluster (6WB) for F30-F34

Please do not ship an item without RMA number. We proceed refund immediately after getting and checking the returned goods. Check if this part fits your vehicle. Caroem Parts. Worldwide Business. To make your purchase as simple and easy as possible, please refer to the store policies listed below.

After winning an item in auction or completing a Buy It Now purchase, you have two check-out options: Fitment Policy Even though our listing says that part fits particular car model and year make, we do not give guarantee that this part will fit your car, because of various modifications of vehicles. FeedBack Please leave us a positive 5-star feedback if you are satisfied with the item you received.This retrofit kit contains all the parts necessary for installation.

The multifunctional instrument display BMW 6WB Digital Cluster for the F30, F31, F32, F33 and F36 stages the different driving experience modes with customized digital instrument displays — and thus creates worlds of color and mood for more safety, efficiency, and exemplary driver orientation. Navigation instructions and information from the driver assistance systems can now be registered even more easily at a glance.

With these features, the new digital presentation distinctly increases the comfort, experience and safety of driving. Watch the video below to see the Digital Instrument Cluster installed in an F Not available for M models. Delivery time can vary between 2 and 5 business days. Each shipment is insured up to the value of the order. The recipient should inspect the package immediately upon delivery and in case of damage should file a claim with DHL.

Our customers are solely responsible for all duties, import taxes and brokerage fees, if applicable. These are not included in the cost of shipping or handling of your order.

Customs, duties, and taxes vary widely from country to country. Please check with your local customs agency for details on estimated costs. See More. Super high amount of views. New seller. Like us on Facebook. See Details on eBay Search Swurl. Recent Feedback. See Details.There are basically two ways to get the ENET cable.

You can buy a complete cable, or you can simply build one. You can have a try and then decide to whether buy a complete one.

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Also, if you have a new BMW or wanna use the tool for future cars, you should have bmw icom. Note: E-sys software is used for bmw f series coding only; if you want to have ECU programming, please you should have Ista-p. Usually, Windows system is your first option. But now, Mac OX also be the one you can have a try.

f30 6wb

Just remember to identify the dependencies and select appropriately in step 15 in the below procedure. But if you want, you could. Flashing all modules at once is also as easy as flashing individual modules. Just select all the modules in step. How to identify dependencies in E-SYS interface :. Passed with flying colors. Credits to all contributors, esp. Bmw icom ista-p latest version But if you want, you could flash the ZGW all by itself and then restart and do the rest.

The steps remain the same. Please go on your reading for details. Connect laptop to power supply.

f30 6wb

This step is essential! Turn lamp switch to parking light — this will keep the ignition on beyond 20 minutes. Please refer to Appendix B for further info regarding the light switch and the 20 minutes. Integration Steps boxes above will be populated with the data. Note down the IStep Shipment. I-Step target. Select the appropriate level in I-Step shipm. Elsawin 6.Search Forums.

Go to Page View My Garage. Upgrading from the basic Kombi to either 6WA or 6WB is a dramatic improvement, and worth every penny. Last edited by shawnsheridan; at PM.

BMW 320d F30 - Coding - Digital Speedo, Sport Displays & many more

Remove Advertisements. Looks AmAzing!!!!! Sent from BimmerApp mobile app. Originally Posted by coco Hi Shawn, I order new 6wb claser and can I codin my self? With e-sys? Or have any instructions, best regards. Originally Posted by kaxasia. Yes its new, my car updated until Must use e-Sys last version with All I have done is as follows. My cluster get error it should be updated when ignition on. The Tachometer and speedometer does not respond when engine on. I am very glad if you give me some advice Sorry, I forgot to attach the screen shot I coded the FA according to the instruction from this post.

But I got an message like this which was not described at this instruction and I clicked yes. That message is normal. SInce you modified the FA, E-sys need to reload it. Originally Posted by TokenMaster. Originally Posted by tom Originally Posted by shawnsheridan.

Hi shawn!! I completed installing my cluster with no errors!! Thank you very very much for your help!! I really appreciate your quick and kind advice Attachment And may I ask one more question just for my study Please let me know this means something error? Thank you very much in advance. Attachment Your 6WB looks good.

Catalog: Digital Clusters (6WA, 6WB)

This is normal. The blue ones indicate the actual state of the ECU. Black entries indicate SVTs with identical reference and actual state. Thanks for letting me know.I just ordered a F32 with the Executive Package and wasn't offered the chance to switch to a 6WB. Any successes with Bimmercode with the swap? I don't have a laptop. Yes, you can code it with E-Sys. Hi Shawn, can you give me steps by stpes instruction to code 6WB on F You are gru of all this, I would really appreciate if you can send me each step to how to do coding, I bought used cluster, but I do have eSYS for coding Hi Shawn, can you give me steps by steps instruction to code 6WB on F Thanks Those are Step-by-Step Instructions.

Those are Step-by-Step Instructions. Hi Shawn, Regarding. I purposely bought a brand new Virgin 6WB to avoid this. Hello guys. But I have a problem modifying vo. I use esys 3. Could you help me? LHD vs.

f30 6wb

RHD does not matter, nor does Petro vs Diesel as it is all digital so the Tach can be displayed as needed. Had 6wb running on F2x and F3x - no problems Thanks a lot shawn. Thanks again. I dont know what is wrong.

I changed data to and fp calculate works fine. But when I add 6wb the 72 c error c0mes again.

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This is my situation. Virgin new 6wb cluster but I cant finish the retrofit. Bufff I am lost. Seems that you are working with E-Sys Plus. CU Oliver. Hello Shawn, i did fdl coding in hu nbt changing to cic kombi to mid-high.

But nothing change. You are missing the navi signs in Kombi and HUD? Yes, I know that. But if you have fkash TAL already made for this, then thats even better. Happy to report my HUD issue on F30 had been resolved! Special shoutout to shawnsheridan and millyway Oliver!A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Each set offers unique animations and driving modes for your BMW. Such devices typically focus on the digital GPS speedometer and driving economy features, but you will also see that they place plenty of value on aesthetic and overall sleek looks.

Whether you are buying for personal use or to stock your car accessories business, you will find the right 6WB cluster at Alibaba. Some products are sold at minimum order quantities of two or three pieces, and other vendors offer special pricing the more items you buy. You may contact the supplier directly using the integrated messaging tool should you have more questions about the product or need a customized package.

Look around and explore our search feature to see only those that are compatible with your car or are within your budget. If you are looking for faster shipping, you may also utilize our regional filter to see which BMW 6WB F10 digital cluster suppliers are closest to your location. Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. Supplier Types Trade Assurance.

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Supplier A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Supplier Location. Order : OK. Ready to Ship. Type Tachometer Speedometer.

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Contact Supplier. MOQ: 1 Set. MOQ: 1 Piece. MOQ: 5 Pieces. There are over a hundred models on hand and ready to ship, and all you need to do is find the right model that will fit your vehicle and style preference. A 6WB cluster is a complete, high-tech solution for transforming your car into a sleek and powerful machine. Choose from a wide range of suppliers based on features, compatibility and price.

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